haptic (e) bike

A near-future concept study of a high performance (e) bike distilled from the distractions of displays, buttons, and apps. Haptic offers the rider an enhanced natural riding experience.

no throttle
no display
no apps


What would happen if an (e) bike simply responded without having to think about it?  What if to go faster, you simply pedaled a little harder? Want to coast?  Simply stop pedaling.  Can an (e) bike offer this type of seamless riding experience responding to the natural rhythm of urban and rural cycling?




get on and ride

A natural experience, the user simply gets on and begins pedaling. There are no secondary throttles or speed controls, to go faster the rider simply applies a little pressure when pedaling.  The force sensing haptic system recognizes this additional pressure in the drive train and begins acceleration.  To maintain a current speed the rider needs only to pedal with constant force, to coast simply stop pedaling - as natural as a traditional bike.




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